Recent talks in Rome and Nottingham

Just an update on talks I gave recently. Valeria Ferrari, Leonardo Gualtieri, and Paolo Pani hosted the conference “New Frontiers in Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics” at Sapienza University in Rome, and graciously invited me to speak about “Numerical black holes and mergers in theories beyond GR” (slides available from their web site: click on the little folder next to my name).

Then in July, Thomas Sotiriou invited me to come visit the University of Nottingham (home of Robin Hood). I gave two talks: first, a more general one, “Probing strong-field gravity: black holes and mergers in general relativity and beyond” for non-experts; and second, to Thomas’s strong-gravity group meeting, a talk covering my recent work on separing metric perturbations in near-horizon extremal Kerr.