Here is a collection of links you may find useful. If there are some links you think ought to be here, feel free to suggest them to me.




  • arXiv keys: I wanted keyboard navigation on the arXiv so I made this extension for Chrome. Find the source at arXiv-keys on github.
  • xAct/xTensor: I make xTensive use of (and have contributed to) this system for abstract and component tensor math in Mathematica.
  • I use emacs for writing everything.
    • Use a modern emacs and package management (package.el, should be builtin).
    • Add MELPA to your list of package-archives.
    • Make sure you have AUCTeX
    • Make sure you have magit
  • LaTeX
    • AUCTeX makes writing LaTeX in emacs better.
    • TeX Live; MacTeX
    • Make sure you use synctex. It works with, which is a better PDF reader than Apple’s
  • git: I recommend using git for revision control
  • make-iop-author-list: If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to create a long LaTeX author list for an IOP publication, then you don’t get nice \affiliation{} macros (like in revtex, for example) to do the work for you. Therefore try this script.
  • Jekyll: This web site was made using Jekyll.