Phys 722, Graduate electromagnetism II (Fall 2023)

Course info

  • Syllabus in PDF format
  • Class schedule: MWF 0900–0950, in Lewis 109
  • Office hours: R 1000–1100, Lewis 205
  • Professor: Leo C. Stein (he/him; you can call me “Leo” or “Dr. Stein”)
  • Email:
  • Office: 205 Lewis Hall

Accessing homeworks and other materials will be through Blackboard. If you are in this course and do not have access to the virtual classroom, email Leo ASAP!


Further details of the course are in the syllabus PDF. If a change in the syllabus becomes necessary during the semester, it will be discussed in class and then posted on Blackboard. Blackboard will also contain up-to-date information on the class schedule, homework assignments, and complementary material.