Titanium Physicists podcast episode 80

A few months ago you might have heard about the ground-breaking observations made by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration. If you want an explainer in podcast form, we’ve got a treat for you! Ben Tippett had me back for the third time on his Titanium Physicists Podcast. This time it’s Episode 80: Picturing the Bach Hole along with Ben, Adal Rifai (a.k.a. Chunt, the shapeshifting king of the badgers), and the incomparable Dr. Katie Bouman! I met Katie when she was a grad student at MIT, working on the imaging algorithms to take radio data and turn them into what’s now one of the most famous images in the history of astrophysics. Now she’s an assistant professor in computing and mathematical sciences at Caltech! This recording was super fun, thanks for having me on again, Ben :)

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